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Thanks for checking out our new website!


There are several cool additions that this new website brings like this blog where we can share our upcoming dinner menu, talk about specials and events and more. We are now using more social networks and have added links to all of them on this website so we can stay connected with all of you. The website also includes the ability to sign up for our e-newsletter. So, if you have not already signed up, we invite you to do so. We hope you like the new look and design of the new site. We look forward to adding more information, pictures, and videos often.

Deb Schaefer
Hi Ali and Marin, Love the new website. Sorry I haven't been in contact. We just sold the farm and will be leaving first of April to head to Maine to look for our Bed & Breakfast. The New Hampshire deal fell through but we have many options to look forward to. Hope to see you guys before we leave. Stay warm today!
Take Care,
Mary Miller
Love the video, you two are just too darn ADORABLE!!! Thank you so much for making my comedians feel so at home and for providing accomodations-so I can bring in great comics to Black Dawg Comedy Night. I truly appreciate your hospitality.

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